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Wampum Squares Pro Edition


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This game of chance is also known as Block pools, Grid pools, or Box pools, you’re probably familiar with this format from its Super Bowl popularity. Now, you can create a Squares pool for ANY sport right on all your devices, all while learning about VENMO, ZELLEPAY & CRYPTOCURRENCIES. Oh, you won't be billed. You do the billing!


This too is a block pool game of chance configured for racing. Now, you can create a Squares pool for ANY race right on all your devices. Like the other sports page, this racing page works with VENMO, ZELLEPAY, CRYPTOCURRENCIES, even emails, and LinkedIn profiles.


This Card game is for an individual interested programming. It shows how to configure a button for spinning cards.

For more information on features

For a full explanation of Wampum Squares by way of text and a video (Apple or Android app too), please click here. We also explain a replacement to debit and credit cards since they have extremely poor security. As you may know, millions of people are plagued every day by security concerns, and scammers putting their entire life savings at risk, until now.